Feb. 20th, 2022

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Feb. 20th, 2022

"This guys CRAZY" might be your first thought...

If you've been around long enough then you know - even the juiciest most prized trade setups can go sharply against you resulting in 70-80% loss on an out of the money option...

In a choppy market half your options trades can do that.

Its why 90% of traders fail at options.

What if I told you there was a way to practically remove ALL the risk from your out-of-the money options trades...

A way you could still shoot for the stars without all that downside risk.

And no, this is not a spread strategy that can blow up in your face and erase 9 months of wins in an afternoon!...

I hate spreads. This is way different, way easier.

Like I said its a Technical Analysis hack, along with a timing approach that literally levels the playing field.

Let me tell you my story, if you like it, I have a great offer for you, where you can learn all the secrets to this powerful timeless method of trading. (For FREE)

It works on anything, but its been well tested on stocks, options and futures markets. 

Its 100% discretionary, meaning YOU pull all the triggers ~ one of the reasons its so powerful and will always be.

I should start by saying this isn't for everybody, if you just want the easy road, this isn't it.

This is not a robot or black box, it's just a simple method of trading that "Identifies" where those BOTS are likely to pile in next.

These trades last 2-14 days each, and pay huge gains using out of the money options.

But there's just one problem...

Even The Best Trade Setups Can Go Against You, Over and Over and Over Again...

Take Mastercard for example...

In Mastercard above you can see that the first ALERT LONG with CALLS (1st Green line) would have been stopped out if you traded like everyone else. 

A super high odds trade that failed, and would have resulted in a stop loss. An ugly 60-70% stop loss at that.

Sound familiar?

This is what all of your losing trades have done in the past - its why you can't make a living trading.

What you don't see here is the analysis on the hourly chart (The Technical Analysis HACK.) that allows us to WIN or breakeven on 80% of your out of the money options trades.

With this system, you STACK the odds in your favor with every move you make. 

From the start of the trade, all the way through to the end. Just like a hedge fund, only this hedge fund can work with tiny $100 dollar trades.

AND, you won't even use a stop loss, you just "re-up" with another 1/3 of your position at very specific price levels. (Super high odds levels that I'll show you.)

It sounds crazy but its not. 

You literally "optimize" the trade with every new position increasing your odds each time ~ think about it... It's like giving yourself 3 chances to be right. (But its much more than that.) 

There's a few parts to this that make it so powerful, but one that I'll point out is that the trades you'll get into have certain characteristics ~ its part of the HACK that makes this work.

We start the trades and add our 1/3rd's at very specific levels in broad and short term chart patterns. We know when the trade is still good and LIKELY to move in our favor, and we also know when that's not true. (We know the levels in advance.)

Here's what I mean...

The Technical Analysis Hack...

NCLH: Long Feb 14th, 2022

Those BIG green arrows are important on the hourly chart.  

Large impulse moves, they allows us to trade NCLH long even if price drops down to the yellow line ~ look at the SIZE of those impulse waves. Those are 2-3 day 10-20% moves!

It's a trade you almost CANT lose on. Even if it goes wildly against you.

The left most green line (Not the arrow.) is the first entry long. A killer long setup long by anyone's measure, but as you can see it went against first before rocketing to the upside.

If you traded like everyone else does you might set a stop at the red line, and you would have been stopped out. 

With this method that's where you add another 1/3 to your position. 3 moves in 3-6 days on this trade slashes your odds of losing and increases your wins like you won't believe. 

This is the kind of trade you can turn $900 into $2-$3K in a week.  $300 bucks, 3 times with each new position optimizing the whole. (You can't do that with $900 the old way ~ just like you can't win in Vegas!)

Your bringing your breakeven and profit zones closer and closer to your entry.

Your Own One Man Hedge Fund!

Anyone can get lucky with options and make a 5-10X profit on a trade or two...

You might even get into a winning streak and get lucky on 3-5 trades in a row ~ you might even go a few weeks with stellar wins, but then it all blows up and you can't figure out why?

From now on when you commit to a trade you'll actually be committing to 3 trades total.

3 trades instead of just 1 gives you 3 chances to make money! (Don't worry I'll teach you all the juicy details!) 

**And let me add: this is "dummy proof" because there is a LOT of margin for error. 

AAL 15 min. chart ZOOM in. Greens are LONG CALLS, Red is the "old school" stop that would have had you out. Closed all at $19 MASSIVE MOVE low risk 174% win!

You Can Win Even When Things Go To HELL...

** Left 2 green trades moved as planned 2 trades in a week, closed at the red circle. A deep retracements causes us to grab those next two greens, then a BIG drop against us ~ you would have benn stopped out ~ from now on its where you add your final 1/3rd then wait.  As you can see it works like MAGIC!

This Technical Analysis HACK, gives you the confidence 'forgo' any stop loss and INSTEAD trade any deep retracement against you all the way down to the yellow line.  

The key is in the original setup which I'll show you how to find.

The WILD impulse and corrective moves on the hourly chart make it all possible at very specific trade zones/levels.

This gives you an incredible edge with out of the money options. 

Your Accuracy and Wins Will Sky-Rocket!

+400% on ETSY 3 Trades Total it Worked Just Like You Said!

These Are Not Isolated Cases!

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Joe S.


I Think you're the smartest MF'r on Wall Street! I've learned more in a few days than the last 8 years!

Vincent  A.

Bob Carmichael

- Bob C.

Like you say "Second mouse gets the cheese!"

I've never planned my trades like this, and no one has ever even suggested it!  The results are incredible.

I'm also grateful for the prompt manner in which you answered my questions. The answers were always clear and concise.

Thank you!

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